As you may have observed, coyotes in the area have become very active.  Male coyotes will be very agressive in their behavior toward other canines and pets due to their mating and nesting habits.

Coyotes in an urban environment are particularly bold due to having relatively few natural enemies and not being hunted by humans.  Given Neufairfield's close proximity to natural nesting areas, the exposure is heightened.

All residents are urged to stay with your pets when taking them outside.  These pets are very vulnerable when left alone in a yard or other area.  Also, please take measures to make sure no feeding material or water for pets or garbage is left outside, as these will attract coyotes as well.

Please take extra precautions to keep yourself and your pets safe.


The City of Joliet is responsible for all parkway trees in the community, including trimming.  If you would like to do any maintenance on parkway trees yourself, a permit must be obtained from the Forestry Department.  A permit form can be obtained here.

They also are responsible for the replacement of any trees.  To inquire about a tree replacement please complete this form and return to Jim Teiber, City Arborist, at the address indicated on the form.

More information on the City of Joliet Forestry Department can be found here.


A reminder to all residents regarding mailboxes, trash containers, landscaping, fences and more can be found here.


The 2015 assessment invoices ($205.00) have been mailed out and were due prior to March 1, 2015.  A late fee is assessed on the first of each month that payment is not received beginning March 1.

Please note that no invoices will be emailed this year.


Officers for the Neufairfield HOA are:

Kristin Zell, President

John Cuthbertson, Treasurer

Craig Drake, Secretary


Dates for the remaining 2015 HOA meetings are as follows:  September 24 and November 19.  All meetings are at 7:00 p.m. at the New Lenox Park District (soon to become the Lions Club Building), 1 Manor Drive, New Lenox.